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Oil Mist Filtration

Oil Mist Filtration

Multi Fan supplies state of the art oil fume, oil mist and emulsion mist filters for the machine tool industry.

Oil mist eliminators are designed to collect and filter oil, water-soluble and synthetic coolant mists from a variety of machining operations and other industrial processes - reducing the risks of mist related hazards.

Our standard product range is very extensive and covers everything from small stand-alone units with a nominal airflow of 500 m3/h (for installation directly on the machine tool) to larger units capable of extracting up to 8,000 m3/h.

As an alternative to our standard range, bespoke units can be manufactured to form a centralised system designed to take care of an entire production site.

Our products fall into two main types - those designed to suit water-soluble based coolants (used in applications such as machining, grinding, turning and milling) and units for oil smoke generated from neat oil applications (used in processes such as cold heading, heat treatment and forging operations).


How it works

The principal of operation involves passing the particulate laden gas stream through the layers of compressed filter media at low velocity. The result is the removal of particles/droplets. The lower the velocity, the better the performance. The airstream enters at the bottom of the filter unit and passes upwards through the filter cartridges. Captured mist drains from the filter surface by gravity down into the sump of the collector.

Standard Units

Standard units are designed for airflows from 500m3/h up to 8000m3/h. They are installed as stand-alone units and connected to one or several machine tools. 


Bespoke Units

Units built together with a fan on top, or standing on the side, are always considered a customised, bespoke unit. Our parent company Filtermist, part of the Absolent Group, offers extensive experience and expertise - providing unrivaled flexibility for designing bespoke units.


Multi Fan offers a wide range of accessories to customise and fulfil a wide variety of different applications and customer needs.