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In addition to the design and supply of air movement systems, Multi Fan offer the following services: 

  • LEV Testing in accordance with CoSHH
  • General Maintenance Contracts
  • VOC Abatement and Solvent Recovery Plant Maintenance

Multi Fan Systems have trained and qualified personnel available to carry out a variety of service oriented tasks, including those detailed above. Working closely with our clients, we ensure that their existing systems achieve on-going compliance with current environmental legislation.  

LEV Inspections
Using hazardous substances at work can put peoples health at risk. The law states that every Employer shall ensure that the exposure of employees to these substances be either prevented, or where that is not reasonably practical, adequately controlled.

In many instances the only effective control measure is to utilise an extraction system (LEV).

Under COSHH legislation it is mandatory that LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) systems are inspected and tested at least every 14 months to verify that efficiency is being maintained.

In order to demonstrate that effective control is being achieved Multi Fan carry out thorough examination and tests as outlined within the Statutory Requirements. A detailed written report is then submitted, together with the results and any appropriate recommendations for improving the system.

The report also contains the following information:

  • Name and address of employer responsible for the plant.
  • Identification and location of the LEV plant process and hazardous substance concerned.
  • Conditions at time of test.
  • Intended operating performance for controlling the hazardous substance.
  • Whether the plant now still achieves that performance.
  • Methods used to make judgements i.e. visual, pressure measurements, air-flow measurements etc.
  • Date of examination and test.
  • Name designation and employer of person carrying out examination and test.
  • Signature of person carrying out the test.

General Servicing
In addition to the CoSHH assessment service, we also offer regular maintenance on all types of extraction systems.
Maintenance of filtration equipment includes clean down, re-bagging and refurbishment.
Multi Fan can supply a full range of replacement filter media to suit the application.

VOC Abatement, Odour Control and Solvent Recovery
Multi Fan offer a comprehensive range of services in this area and are also keen to support any existing installations, Brofind, Haden or others in terms of the following:

  • Engineering services– Feasibility studies, HAZOP’s
  • Maintenance – Routine inspection and servicing, carbon sieving, breakdown assistance and spare parts.
  • Relocation – Plant moves and for the used equipment market.
  • System modifications – Media changes for increased capacity, optimisation of process airflows, re-configuration of process ductwork etc.
  • Performance improvements – Increased thermal and/or removal efficiency, improved capture for reduction in fugitive emissions, reductions in energy consumption including steam economisers and secondary heat recovery systems.
  • Emission monitoring – Process surveys for specifying plant and compliance testing.